If you’re an endurance event organizer, coach or vendor / service provider who relies heavily on this industry— we want you to join the coalition. Together as one united voice— we can leverage the power of our networks and the passion of our athletes to ensure our voice is heard in Washington.


Spartan Race, IRONMAN, Tough Mudder, Rock & Roll Marathon Series, Running USA, USA Triathlon and imATHLETE / EnMotive have joined together to convene the first ever coalition of endurance sports organizers across disciplines to share in one singular voice— asking Congress to provide critical funding and relief to ensure we can continue to deliver events in the future: benefiting public health, driving economic impact, creating and protecting jobs and bringing people together.

The ask is simple. Fill out the form below, acknowledge our Memorandum of Understanding, and commit to allowing us to include your name and logo on our list of partners.


We’ll soon be sharing a call to action for member races and organizations to share to their databases— mobilizing athletes to sign our petition and reach out to their elected officials, voicing their support for the future of endurance events.